Knights in Shining Armor At The Oneonta Club

South Pasadena Oneonta Club invites Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) to recreate the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe.

PHOTO: Chris Glaeser | | Matthew Crow and Alan Ehrlich, Oneonta Club president are joined by the SCA participants.

The Oneonta Club April meeting last Monday featured a talk by Baron Sir Uilliam Mor MacGregor of the Barony of the Angels in the Kingdom of Caid.

PHOTO: Chris Glaeser | | Some had an opportunity to dress as a knight at the Oneonta Club on Monday.

MacGregor led a presentation of the work of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international organization dedicated to researching and recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe.

PHOTO: Chris Glaeser | | A pair of knights simulate a battle at Oneonta Club meeting on Monday in Gray Hall at Oneonta Congregational Church.

SCA is a medieval reenactment society with an emphasis on pre 17th European history. “Interested in getting in armor and fighting in chivalric combat?” reads the organization’s website. “We’ve got that! Looking to learn to make amazing garb? We’ve got that too! Looking to make beverages, adult and not? Or learning to shoot a bow, throw an axe or ride a horse?”

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PHOTO: Chris Glaeser | | Matthew Crow tests the armor on Baron Sir Ulliam Mor MacGregor.

Oneonta Club’s history dates back to 1923, when a group of 12 men in South Pasadena gathered to discuss the need for a group which would provide supportive fellowship in the area. And with that, The Oneonta Club was born. The club continues today nearly unchanged as the organization meets monthly.

PHOTO: Chris Glaeser | | Vijay Sehgal discusses the use of the sword with the participants.