Indian Textile Sale in Support of The Anju Project

South Pasadena High School student raising funds to build a home in India

South Pasadena High School freshman, Raia Doshi, is hosting a sale of handcrafted Indian textiles on Saturday May 12 from 2pm-5pm to support The Anju Project. This initiative was created to help build a home for Anju, a woman who has lived her life in service to others but is now faced with living in a shack with no running water or electricity. Raia has a big heart and a huge drive to change that for Anju.

Who is Anju? Raia tells us, “Anju came to work at my grandpa’s house at the tender age of 10. This is a very common practice in India. India is a very heavily populated country; the urban areas are very developed and advanced but the population in rural areas is still extremely poor and it is a very common practice for young children to find employment in the cities to feed themselves and support their extended families back in the village.” She went on to explain, “my grandfather was a very kind man and made sure that Anju was treated with love and respect as a part of the family. Most of these children go back home to get married when they become adults but Anju was so comfortable with our family that she never went back. Now that my grandfather has passed away, and all of us have moved to the United States, Anju has to go back to live in her village where she does not have a proper home.”

When asked what inspired her to take on this initiative, Raia says “conversations with Anju have helped me draw parallels between our lives and made me aware of my privilege growing up in this wonderful town of South Pasadena. By providing a proper shelter for Anju, not only will I be helping her I will also be providing a place for other little girls in the village that Anju will take in and help educate so that they can have a better life. I feel like this is the most appropriate way I can give back and show gratitude for my privilege.”

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With determination, compassion and an entrepreneurial spirit, this young woman decided to do all she could to build a home with proper plumbing for Anju and her family and the Indian Textile Sale is the beginning of this journey. As Raia says, “your purchase will not only brighten your space with rich textiles, but it will help provide a place for Anju to call her own. Anju spent 40 years making my family’s house into a home – with your help, I can do the same for her.”

Raia’s Indian Textile Sale is being held on Saturday May 12 from 2-5pm

461 Prospect Circle in South Pasadena

Enjoy delicious snacks and refreshing drinks as you browse beautiful, handcrafted textiles from India!

ALL proceeds go directly toward building Anju’s new home!