Disco Dust by Hotbox Vintage

Disco Dust Makes its Summertime Debut in South Pasadena

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | South Pasadenan: Summertime glitter screams defiant confidence

Summer, sunshine and… glitter? Hotbox Vintage’s new Disco Dust Pots are offering a trendy summer accessory. The owner, Delilah, and her colleagues over at

PHOTO: Arielle Strom | South Pasadenan: Gold glitter makes for an excellent companion to a jet black ensemble

Hotbox, located at 906 Meridian Avenue, South Pasadena, created this glitter fun for those who want to add a little posh and spice to their summer outfits. The idea came from a recent style festival they put together, where Ralphy, a music artist and colleague of Delilah’s, created a glitter bar.

The pots are made of a mixture of glitters, and the plethora of colors leaves nobody limited. Personalizing the Disco Dust Pots is an option too. Don’t worry, a tutorial on their website explains the best way to create this glitter fun : Disco Dust Tutorial

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PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | South Pasadenan: Pop sensation Ralphy flaunting her glitter

A 10-gram pot costs $10 and lasts months. Hotbox is currently selling it in stores and hopes to launch it online by June 23rd.

“It’s an artistic way to express oneself”, adds Ralphy. Whether you’re going to a summer festival, a pool party or just hanging out in the sun, these Disco Dust Pots are sure to be the accessory of the summer.

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | South Pasadenan: Glitter is already becoming a hot-selling item