Hodis Learning & Music | $10 Sessions Start Now!

HLM offers in-home one-on-one academic tutoring, music lessons, and art instruction to students of all ages

Hodis Learning & Music is offering $10 sessions scheduled in the first 7 days of the month! This offer is valid for new clients in the months of June, July, and August.

We offer in-home one-on-one academic tutoring, music lessons, and art instruction to students of all ages. Our academic educators teach study skills, SAT test prep, STEM, humanities and foreign languages, social sciences, and English as a Second Language. HLM music educators teach piano, voice, brass, guitar, bass guitar, and drums, as well as performance, theory, ear-training, and recording skills. Art educators teach photography, film, drama, painting, and illustration.

Visit our website at www.hodislearning.com or give us a call/text or email for details on subjects, programs, and rates.

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HLM was founded by Drew M. Hodis, an academic tutor and music instructor. With a passion for teaching and helping others, he has served his hometown, South Pasadena, for nearly a decade. The company has since grown to serve the greater San Gabriel Valley area in nearly all subjects. Academic educators at HLM are committed to ensuring the academic success of your student by using personalized learning strategies and building effective study habits. Our music and art educators have been perfecting their talent for decades and have years of experience teaching all levels.

We believe that the most effective way for students to learn is by providing them with kindness, patience, empathy, and positive motivation. HLM educators teach with this philosophy in mind while glowing with positive, fun energy to make learning more enjoyable and fruitful. Our family of educators derives joy from helping students grow, succeed, and shine brighter in their academics, music, art, and beyond.

Out of concern for the safety of our students and educators, HLM educators are vaccinated and will wear masks until authorities believe it is safe to teach without face coverings. To accommodate differing needs and levels of comfort, educators will provide Zoom sessions upon request.

We look forward to working with you and helping you Shine Brighter with Hodis Learning & Music!