Eric Brady | A Statement to the Press

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I’m a local businessperson, UCLA graduate and active member of the community in South Pasadena. We moved to the city in 2004, and knew right away this was where we wanted to raise our four children – probably like a lot of you – because of the excellent schools and unique character of this community.

I’ve been a long time South Pasadena Education Foundation contributor, and have loved volunteering as a coach for boys and girls sports at all school levels. I’m volunteer for both the Girls and Boys Scouts of America, South Pasadena YMCA and coach for AYSO’s division 214 and 13. I’m passionate about the advocacy work I’ve done on behalf of the Pasadena Humane Society, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Pacific Asian Museum Fundraiser.

Here’s why I’m running for City Council: I think I can offer new ideas, real-world business experience and a new community-driven energy to the South Pasadena City Council. My opponent was first elected in 2001. The city has changed tremendously during that time – but our leadership has not.

Let’s be honest… the problems we’re facing in South Pasadena aren’t new ones. We’ve known we’re facing a housing crisis, that we’re looking at a budget deficit if we don’t deal with the pension issue, and that if the UUT was repealed, we have no back-up plan to fund necessary city services. And that’s the point – these problems aren’t new but we aren’t planning ahead and we aren’t looking for solutions.

Michael Cacciotti has been running for office since the turn of the century, and he’s made a lot of friends that represent special interests who donate to his campaign. But “insider politics” and “that’s the way we’ve always done it” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I was stunned to hear Michael Cacciotti advocate FOUR NEW TAXES OR FEES during our candidate’s forum. This is not “old school”, it’s completely out of touch with the residents in our district. We have many senior citizens, renters and young families. They chose South Pasadena because of the schools and community character, but they’re being taxed out of living here. Instead of new innovations, Michael Cacciotti wants to go back to the well, and keep raising taxes.

Our population – particularly in District 4, is changing. What hasn’t changed – the same people doing the same thing on our City Council. I’ll focus on how to make the city more attractive to businesses while maintaining our quality of life, and tackle the homelessness with compassion and forward thinking – not making being homeless illegal, which solves nothing and goes against the values of our great city.

I’m supported by neighbors and business leaders because I’ll take a pragmatic AND progressive view – always listening to the community as I have been during this campaign as I’ve gone door to door.

I’d appreciate your vote and support as we work together to make this city even better and stronger than it is today.