Deputy City Clerk, Desiree Jimenez, Speaks at WISPPA

PHOTO: Courtesy of WISPPA | | Deputy City Clerk Desiree Jimenez pictured with WISPPA President Bianca Richards with the coveted WISPPA mug

Desiree Jimenez, South Pasadena Deputy City Clerk, gave an excellent presentation at the November 4th, 2017 WISPPA meeting.  She discussed the 2016 election schedule change and the transition to district elections.   After Senate Bill 415 was signed into law, South Pasadena elections were changed from November in odd-numbered years to November in even-numbered years to coincide with statewide general elections.   The city was forced to change from city-wide elections for the City Council to District voting due to a lawyer alleging violations to the California Voting Rights Act.

PHOTO: courtesy of WISPPA | | Desiree Jimenez addresses the WISPPA Saturday meeting
PHOTO: Courtesy of WISPPA | South Pasadena Deputy City Clerk, Desiree Jimenez

Ms. Jiminez also gave WISPPA an overview of the city clerk’s division and the many services and duties it performs, including help with passports.  She emphasized the importance of serving the public with supplying information and helping navigate the city services.   Lastly, she showed the audience how to access public records on the city’s website portal –