Connection and Communication – TEDx Salon Dec. 9 at SPHS

SPHS Peer Mediators next TEDx Salon to be held Saturday December 9 - By Ciena Valenzuela-Peterson

PHOTO: SPHS Mediators | | Community gathers for TEDx Salon at SPHS

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent many late nights binge-watching TED Talks on YouTube. They’re fascinating, informative, funny, and deeply thought-provoking–the only thing TED videos truly lack is a forum for discussion, some way to further your understanding of the messages and connect to them more personally. You can imagine my excitement when I learned about TEDx Salons.

TEDx Salons are community-organized events that feature live speakers as well as TED videos with a common focus and facilitate discussion afterwards. From the TED website: “It’s a unique kind of gathering that… allows the conversation to continue, in person.”

PHOTO: SPHS Mediators | | Watching the TEDx talk

That is exactly what I experienced when I attended a TEDx Salon last year at my high school, hosted by the SPHS Mediators. The event brought together students, parents, teachers, and total strangers from all across the South Pasadena community and far beyond. We listened to great TED Talks, including three in-person speakers. Through small group discussion, we made connections to the content, shared our thoughts and life experiences, and contemplated the deeper meaning behind the talks. Paired with a cozy environment in the school library and yummy snacks, it was exactly the event I had been looking for–just as intellectually stimulating as watching TED videos all night, completely enhanced by discussion time with a diverse group of people.

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PHOTO: SPHS Mediators | | Discussions during the TEDx Salon at SPHS

The SPHS Mediators are hosting a second TEDx Salon on Saturday, December 9th, and I am very excited to attend another wonderful event. It is called “Connection and Communication” and will feature in-person speakers Ben Elbaum, Amanda Estevez, and Archer Willems as well as two videos relating to this theme.

 The talks and discussion will take place in the SPHS library from 1-3 PM. Tickets are $3 for SPHS students and $5 for non-students. There are only 80 seats available, and they’re going fast, so be sure to get your ticket soon to attend this enriching TEDx Salon. To reserve your ticket now, email with your name and number of tickets that you would like to reserve. I’ll see you there!