COLOR DAY! | South Pasadena High School

Color Day 2018 - The most spirited day of the school year

PHOTO: A. Whang | | The winning costume group for the senior class at South Pasadena High School's Color Day 2018

Tiger Pride is never stronger or more on display than on the famous Color Day at South Pasadena High School and this year was no different. With Tigers showing their most creative takes on orange and black pride with individual and group costumes ranging from garden gnomes to flower pots, boy bands, popular movie characters like Cousin It, hula dancers, cans of orange LaCroix soda, and even a group of Notorious RBGs!

PHOTO: D. Rabina |

Teachers and staff get into the act as well often dressing in group themes and always performing a group dance number with students cheering loudly for them. After crack of dawn costume judging on the Tiger Patio, the assembly gets underway in the gym at 9:30 with the ever awesome Tiger Band welcoming students as they charge across the street and take seats under their class banners. The Senior Class won Best Class Banner for their nostalgic 90’s inspired design. Commissioner of Assemblies, Flannery Clark, wrangled the activities including student bands, singers, skits, a Mario Kart race, the traditional tug-o-war between classes (Sophomores won in an upset!) and the cheerleaders and football players collaborated in their tradition of high flying flips!

PHOTO: D.Rabina | | SPHS counselors as spirited hula dancers

Principal Janet Anderson tells us, “Our students and staff were really excited to celebrate our 80th Color Day! It’s our biggest school spirit day of the year, and it was filled with good-natured, creative displays of Tiger Pride.” The upcoming Homecoming’s theme was announced to thunderous applause. Drumroll please…”This is SP(HS)ARTA: When Tigers And Gods Collide”! Stay tuned for all the Homecoming excitement. Check the SPHS Alumni social media for ways to participate at the Homecoming game.

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PHOTO: D.Rabina |