Clean Power Alliance | New Solar and Wind Projects Now Providing Clean Power

Provided to 93,000 Homes, creating hundreds of new green jobs, reducing GHGs, and ensuring increased reliability and stability of rates. Five additional facilities to come online later in 2021


Clean Power Alliance (CPA), the single largest provider of 100% renewable energy to customers in the nation, recently had two clean energy-producing projects come online. The two projects add 340 megawatts (MW) of carbon-free energy to CPA’s already robust power procurement portfolio, enough to power 93,000 homes. The addition of these facilities further CPA’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals, while increasing stability of rates and reliability for the three million residents and businesses it serves.

“CPA is proud these reliable carbon-free facilities are now in production. These projects help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while further improving rate stability and reliability for our customers,” said Ted Bardacke, Executive Director for Clean Power Alliance. “The projects further enable us to meet the growing renewable energy demands of our many customers. They also create green jobs, lower costs and allow CPA to comply with state renewable energy mandates.”

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Both projects are ‘new-build’ clean energy producing facilities. CPA established a 15-year contract with the Rosamond Central Solar Project in Kern County, CA. This new-build 40-megawatt photovoltaic solar site began operations on December 22, 2020, a full three months ahead of schedule. The site encompasses 2.3 million photovoltaic solar modules which generate 114,780 megawatt-hours (MWh)/year, enough to power 17,200 homes per year. Click here to view CPA’s Rosamond Central Solar Project video.

CPA also established a 20-year agreement with White Hills Wind Farm located in Mohave County, AZ. The 300 MW wind farm, with nearly 130 wind turbines, went into operation December 16, 2020. In all, the site created approximately 300 green construction jobs and will generate 830,000 MWh/year, enough to power 75,800 homes for a year. Click here to view CPA’s White Hills Wind Project video.

Wind farms are known to generate more energy during the morning, evening, and overnight hours. As such, they add a complementary generation profile to that of solar energy.

The two clean energy projects mark the beginning of a long list of new-build resources CPA will be bringing online during the next few years.

“We will be following these projects up with 250 MW of new battery storage in 2021, which will further ensure the transition to a low-carbon grid is done both safely and reliably. Last year, the CPA Board of Directors approved ten long-term agreements, of which six were new solar plus storage contracts,” added Bardacke.

In 2021 alone, five additional projects under contract with CPA will come online: the Luna Storage Project, Sanborn Storage Project, High Desert Solar + Storage, Arlington Energy Center II, and the Johanna Energy Storage System. The Johanna Energy Storage System in Santa Ana, CA will add 20 MWh of energy storage to the grid. Click here to view CPA’s Johanna Energy Storage System video.