City of South Pasadena Statement of Support | Tyre Nichols

PHOTO: Anna Fratto | South News | South Pasadena City Hall

The senseless violence endured by Tyre Nichols in an interaction with the police is shocking and disappointing. It is only through the public’s trust and support that the authority to enforce laws are granted to peace officers.

The actions of five Memphis, TN officers toward Tyre Nichols were brutal, uncalled for, and unacceptable. The criminal behavior of the officers witnessed in the video footage that has been publicly released cannot and will not be tolerated by law enforcement, and certainly not by the South Pasadena Police Department.

The swift action to terminate and prosecute the offenders by the City of Memphis and its Police Department is appropriate. The timely decisions to uphold the justice system and hold the officers accountable, as well as to protect the public, is absolutely necessary.

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The City of South Pasadena and the South Pasadena Police Department extend our deep and sincere condolences to the family, friends, and those affected by the death of Tyre Nichols. We join and stand side-by-side with those that are mourning and in need of healing.