Auto Burglaries Increase

A sudden uptick in South Pasadena auto burglaries is keeping police officials busy

FILE PHOTO: Auto Theft

South Pasadena Police Department officials report a sudden rise in auto burglaries and are asking for the public’s support in reporting any suspicious activity in the city.

According to Richard Lee, the department’s crime prevention officer, said several of the auto burglaries have occurred near parks and recreation areas. He said thieves often target purses left in plain view in the passenger seat of the car.

Other reported stolen items include:

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  • Backpacks, sunglasses and iPads.

“If a burglar takes a wallet, they will immediately use the victim’s credit card to make a purchase,” explained Lee.

He said a burglar will often “window shop” by looking into vehicles to find valuables. “Other times, the thief may watch for females to exit their car and watch them place their purse in the trunk or backseat of the car.

“Once the victim leaves to play at the park, the burglar will walk over and smash a window to gain entry,” Lee said.

The following are some tips from Lee to help hold onto your personal belongings.

  •  Always lock your car and make sure windows are rolled up.
  •  Don’t leave valuables in vehicles, especially in plain sight.
  •  Take remote garage openers with you.
  •  Place a purse and other valuables in the trunk of the car before arriving in the parking lot of your destination.