Tree Falls Across Oak Street

Oak on Oak: 100 Year Old Tree Crushes Vehicle and Blocks the Road

PHOTO: Mateo Diez | | California Light Oak destroys parked car in the 1400 block of Oak Street

Residents who were at home at approximately 3pm Monday in the 1400 block of Oak Street in South Pasadena heard a long, loud cracking noise and a crash. Some thought it was a car accident but as they began gathering outside, they were met with the sight of an over 100 year old California Light Oak tree completely uprooted and splayed across the entire street.

PHOTO: Mateo Diez | | California Light Oak falls across Oak Street

Unfortunately one car was severely damaged, belonging to someone who was visiting a friend, but luckily there were no injuries. The owner of the vehicle said she was three minutes from leaving so things could have been much worse.

South Pasadena Police were first to the scene and they secured the area and traffic was unable to pass through for the rest of the day.

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Tree workers began cutting the tree in pieces for transport and disposal. Recent heavy rains look to be the cause of the tree uprooting.