UPDATE Las Vegas Arrest: Father of 5-Year-Old Missing Boy in Extradition Hearing

An brief, yet telling hearing in Las Vegas

PHOTO: AP | Andressian Sr. in a Las Vegas courtroom on Tuesday, June 27

The father of the still missing 5-year-old boy Aramazd Andressian Jr., Aramazd Andressian Sr., appeared at an extradition hearing this Tuesday in Las Vegas. Sources report that it was a very short exchange with the judge, lasting approximately 2 minutes.

The recently arrested Andressian Sr. appeared in court without an attorney after firing the previous one. His mannerisms were described as being calm and collected, punctuated by a joking attitude and a grin.

In what might be considered some uneasy banter, the judge informed Andressian Sr. that California authorities would have 30 days to collect him, but that “obviously given the media they’re going to come pick you up” to which the father replied with a snicker, “They’ll probably take me with them.”

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PHOTO: AP | Andressian Sr.’s behavior as of late has been “not consistent with a grieving parent”

Andressian Sr. adamantly stated that it was not his intent to “flee” to Las Vegas. When asked by the judge if he wished to fight the extradition he responded that he would not. Andressian Sr. has been in Las Vegas for 48 days now, and has allegedly altered his appearance in order to evade authorities.

Andressian Jr. has still not been found. The father is expected to be arraigned later this week based on evidence that has yet to be released to the media.