Summer Games

A Song for the Summer

Art by Becky Seo.


Drown our issues in the backyard pool
Jump headfirst and I’ll follow suit
We’ll lay at the bottom with a faded stare
Then come up panting and gasping for air

We’ll brave the night with a first class fire
Watch the flame dance and the smoke inspire
But once the flame’s gone what can we do
Start another, anywhere’s good

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Forgetting our problems in a timeless daze
Get yourself ready and I’ll do the same
Life’s more fun with a little pain
Let’s play our summer games


Let’s brave the day and bare our skin
Watch us turn as the red sinks in
Touch after touch will be filled with pain
At least we’ll be able to feel again

Stare at the night and stare at the stars
Feeling alone, lost where we are
Let’s question our being and the point of it all
Stuck in the darkness, ever so small



The colors have faded
The pool has drained out
Mosquitoes have risen
To weed us all out
These summer months
Filled with passion and pain
And I’d do it again