State Street: 4-Year Old Girl Has Drowned

Last Saturday morning June 30th police & rescue raced to save her

PHOTO: News | South Pasadena Fire Department Engine 81

Saturday morning June 30th South Pasadena Police and the South Pasadena Fire and rescue raced at full speed to save a 4-year old girl who was found unresponsive and not breathing.

911 was called at 9:36 a.m. according to SPPD Capt. Mike Neff.

Reports say she was found by her sibling at a South Pasadena apartment pool on State Street.  Her sibling attempted to pull her out of the pool.

Accordning to SPPD Capt. Neff, Police did perform CPR before fire & rescue arrived.  The girl was taken to the hospital where she died.

Police are investigating what appears to have been an accident at this time, according to Capt. Neff.




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