SPUSD : Measure SP Construction Update

Marengo Elementary School Roofing & HVAC Project Underway

PHOTO: Courtesy of SPUSD

Construction has begun for the Roofing and HVAC replacement at Marengo Elementary School. For the month of June, there were several milestones: Safe-off of existing utilities: All electrical and gas connections to the existing HVAC units were properly disconnected in preparation for removal. All workers above 6 feet (and higher) are required to use proper fall protection equipment.

PHOTO: Courtesy of SPUSD

Removal of the existing HVAC units: There was a 40-ton crane that arrived the morning of June 19, 2017 to remove the old existing HVAC units off the roof. The crew held a safety meeting first thing in the morning and the crane was set up and ready to pick by mid-morning. Seventeen (17) units were removed and placed onto a waiting flatbed truck for recycling.

Demo of existing roofing is scheduled for early July. Logistically, removal of the existing roofing must be scheduled once the new underlayment material is on hand and onsite. The workers will only demo the quantity of roofing they are able to replace in the same day. This is typical protocol in order to avoid costly repairs should bad weather impact construction.

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PHOTO: Courtesy of SPUSD

As we progress with all the necessary upgrades to the roofing and HVAC, it is critical to remember that the summer brings hot weather. With the amount of heat we have been getting these past few years, keeping cool is important. As the weather reaches 85 degrees and higher, heat illness safety protocols take effect. There will be shade and water provided for all workers including mandatory water breaks in order to remain hydrated, cool and alert. Safety is utmost importance as we progress through construction and our Zero Harm program will be 100% enforced.

PHOTO: Courtesy of SPUSD

Important Dates

June 12, 2017 – Start of Roofing Demolition

August 11, 2017 – Project Completion

Questions / Concerns Contacts

Deni R. Valderrama (909) 342-2152 dvalderrama@balfourbeattyus.com

To learn more about Balfour Beatty Construction visit www.balfourbeattyus.com