San Pascual Stables, LLC, Enters into Negotiations with the City to Operate Horse Facility in Arroyo Park

The matter reviewed by the San Pascual Stables Subcommittee

South Pasadena City Council members last week authorized city staff to enter into negotiations for a new lease with San Pascual Stables, LLC, to operate the popular horse facility in Arroyo Park.

PHOTO: George Sokolow | | San Pascual Stables | Alyssa Sokolow Hunter/Jumper

San Pascual Stables, LLC, is the current operator, and its management is now looking for a long-term contract following the actions taken by council members.

Trailing at one point among five stables going through the initial interview process, San Pascual Stables ultimately rose to the top, unseating two early favorites, Paddock Riding Club and All Equestrian Services, to become the top pick. Others in the running included Dark Horse White Knight, Inc., and Double Crown, LLC.

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The San Pascual Stables Subcommittee, established in February 2015, recommended the City Council enter into negotiations with San Pascual Stables, LLC to lease and operate the facility. A special ad hoc committee of the San Pascual Stables Subcommittee, consisting of Ron Rosen, Kay Findley, Robe Rose, consultant Ron Hagan and Community Services Director Sheila Pautsch, conducted interviews with the five interested firms before the ranking process began.

PHOTO: George Sokolow | | San Pascual Stables | Alyssa Sokolow Hunter/Jumper

Their recommendation to the subcommittee earned the support of the City Council, which voted unanimously last week to enter into a new lease agreement with San Pascual Stables, LLC, headed by Corbell Partnership.

However, if a new lease cannot be reached with San Pascual Stables, LLC, city staff has been directed by the council to turn to the subcommittee’s No. 2 choice, Paddock Riding Club, to operate the facility.

“The subcommittees’ opinion is that San Pascual Stables, LLC, can build on their past successes and conduct a financially successful equestrian center that expands the equestrian opportunities to the community and improve their customer service, site security, and facility maintenance under the new terms of the city agreement,” Pautsch told the council.


  1. Never have I found a more unfortunate, poorly run stable in my lifetime. The staff is incompetent and egotistical, the people running the place gauge every penny possible without providing necessary things such as footing, food(!!!) or shavings for your horse. The entire place is overrun with dangerous tunnels of gopher holes that your horse can fall into, especially in the sun pens made for the horses to stand in. There are also more rats and ground squirrels than horses on premises. There is no privacy as any random person or dog (coyotes every night as well) can venture in from highland park or the arroyo and droves of strangers come by with no security onsite. They even feed and pet the horses. The footing in the arenas is so unforgiving that your horse is guaranteed to get injured.