ALERT: West Nile Virus Reported in Alhambra

West Nile Virus Reported in Alhambra 7-5-2017

A 36 year old male is reported to have contracted West Nile virus from a mosquito bite near his home in Alhambra.

Sources say the victim is currently in serious condition.  He was admitted to an Alhambra hospital about 48 hours after getting a mosquito bite that became unusually swollen.  Shortly after, the victim developed a high fever and began to convulse.

Our sources report that West Nile Virus was confirmed this evening by hospital staff, and reports will be made to the CDC.

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The LA County Health Department reports that in 2016 153 people contracted West Nile Virus, and 5 people died from the mosquito transmitted disease in Los Angels County.


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