New Discoveries Made at Annual Science Fair

Arroyo Vista Elementary School students showcase innovative projects at the annual Science Fair on campus

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Arroyo Vista second grade teacher Brian Jehue was busy taking notes during the school's annual science fair.

Young scientists Scarlett and Laylin Ziegler were among hundreds of Arroyo Vista Elementary School students making new discoveries during a recent science fair on campus.

The third graders came up with the answer to: “Which household product will bust the rust the best?” as part of their innovative project.

Any guesses?

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After trying Coca Cola, Dawn Dish Soap and Ketchup, they concluded that Pine-Sol, a powerful cleaning product, removes the iron oxide better than anything else the pair tried in their “Bustin’ the Rust!!” experiment.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Scarlet and Laylin Ziegler, who did a science project showing what gets rid of rust, are joined by Arroyo Vista Elementary School Principal Cheryl Busick.

Without the help of Mrs. Fields, who just happens to know a thing or two about the topic, third grader Maeve Riley explained how to make the best cookie in the world. Who knows, she just might be on to something of becoming the next huge retailer of freshly baked specialty cookies and brownies in the country.

Vivian Schneider wondered, “Which Fabric Dye Works Best?” She tested food coloring, Iodine and markers, concluding “the marker works best because it stays on fabric the best after washing,” the second grader wrote on the poster board.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Second grader Vivian Schneider asked, “Which Fabric Dye Works Best?” in her project.

In their project, third graders Grayson Ebner and McCoy Sharp asked, “What design will power a rocket boat to travel the quickest?” Their hypothesis concluded, “The rocket boat will travel the fastest with a larger hole in the cork of the cigar tube.”

Projects from A to Z – Aerodynamics to Zoology – were on display.

Max Campbell, a third grader, featured a homemade lie detector experiment and second grader, James Jarvis, showcased “Fancy Rats,” which provided everything you needed to know about the rodents.  Included were pictures of rats, slices of cheese and, of course rat food, with all of the perfect nutrients in it – corn, wheat, grains and vegetables.

Hundred of other students made new discoveries when creating and showing their projects, witnessed by parents and guests during the annual event.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Alex Przebinda asked, “Can you make a battery from a potato?” Alex found out you can.
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Second grade teacher Brian Jehue, dressed as a scientist, is joined by third grade student Micah Freeman, who did a project on DNA.
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Arroyo Vista Elementary School first grader Anna McDonnell discovered how clouds form in her science project.
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Students were busy showing parents their projects at the Arroyo Vista Elementary School Science Fair.
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | The multipurpose room and some classrooms at Arroyo Vista Elementary School were filled with project during the school’s annual science fair.
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Maeve Riley, a third grader, explained how to make the best cookie in her project.