Michael Glines Loves Living and Teaching in South Pas

Local musician now teaching guitar at Green Brooms Music Academy

PHOTO: Sheldon Botler | SouthPasadenan.com | Michael Glines on stage

Born and raised in Salinas, California, Michael Glines grew up watching his parents perform in church, his mother as a singer and his father on trumpet. “My Mom put me in piano lessons for about a year and gave me a guitar and guitar lessons in middle school” says Glines, “I guess music was all around me when I was little. My Dad taught me my first few guitar chords and my Mom encouraged me to sing.”  In high school he played in bands and he and his mother actually took voice lessons together.

Glines says it was his mentor and guitar teacher, John Sherry, who was the first one to identify his talent for songwriting and he says “he’s been a mentor to my professional life as a musician.”

After high school, Glines went on to study music and performing arts at California State University Monterey Bay, where he focused in recording technology, jazz guitar, and vocal performance. By the age of 20, he had already self-produced two of his bands’ EPs, and was performing regularly at local indie rock venues.

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Glines has been teaching music since 2008, and enjoys teaching his students songwriting, music theory, and performance techniques, especially for guitar and vocals. “What I love most about teaching is giving students a sense of direction and purpose in music,” says Glines, “for some students that means setting them on a long-term path to becoming professional musicians. For many, it means giving students the vision to imagine themselves playing and expressing music at a level that exites them, and giving them the tools and inspiration to work toward their goals.”

PHOTO: Sheldon Botler | SouthPasadenan.com | Michael Glines on stage with his band in Los Angeles

Glines moved to South Pasadena last summer and says “it has the comfort and ease of a small town with relative proximity to the areas I often end up gigging. I love all the huge, old trees. Super vibe-y!”

PHOTO: Faye Nightingale | SouthPasadenan.com | Michael Glines, musician

Still self-producing his records, he performs regularly in Pasadena and Hollywood, both as the principal songwriter in his band as well as a supporting guitarist for other artists. Glines is currently teaching at Green Brooms Music Academy.