Guide to Avoiding Scams | Police Department Provides Tips

As many residents continue to fall prey, the South Pasadena Police Department offers tips to reduce the number of scams and cons in the city News | The South Pasadena Police Department offers a downloadable guide helping citizens deal with different types of common scams

Many residents feel they are too smart to fall for a scam or con, but they do, according to Richard Lee, a crime prevention officer with the South Pasadena Police Department.

Lee says the IRS scam continues to be popular throughout the year. “The scammer will call and claim you owe for back taxes and will be aggressive demanding immediate payment by pre-paid debit cards,” he explained. “No legitimate business will ask for payment by a prepaid debit card. If you feel you owe for back taxes, contact the IRS directly.”

Lee said a resident recently received a call from a person claiming they were from the Pasadena Water Power and demanded the victim to call back in 30 minutes, otherwise the power would be turned off.

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The victim knew that South Pasadena has its own water company and power is supplied by Southern California Edison.

“Most scammers will ask for payment in the form of a pre-paid debit card, or gift card,” said the crime prevention officer. “No legitimate business will ever do this.”

Many other scams and cons occur everyday “and to help prevent becoming a victim, we urge you to obtain our ‘Scams & Cons’ prevention guide available at the police station lobby and online through our website,” continued Lee.

This guide details the latest scams used today and also provides tips for prevention and a resource for victims.

The Police Department is at City Hall, 1414 Mission Street. Click here to receive the guide online for more information.