Garden Soiree Event | Celebrate with South Pasadena Preservation

SPPF Annual Meeting & Soiree hosted by Kate & Odom Stamps. Come! A delightful afternoon will be had. Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 3pm.

The Force Continues!

South Pas Preservation’s Millenium Falcons

Celebrate 70 Year Victory Over Empire 710

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Saturday, June 22  3pm 318 Fairview Av

Join with us on Saturday afternoon in Odom Stamps’ enticing garden.

  • Honor the Freeway Fighters
  • Continue the Force to rescue local homes from Empire control
  • Celebrate South Pasadena’s historic homes
  • Learn how to research and preserve your historic property


Guest presenter John Ripley will share his insights and suggestions  developed while compiling his independent database of previously obscure South Pasadena architectural history.

Join the Force for South Pasadena Preservation