Dodgers Back in World Series | Game 3

World Series Game 3: Fans will be talking about Max Muncy’s dramatic homer to give Dodgers a 3-2 victory for centuries to come

PHOTO: Mark J. Terrill-AP | After a grueling 18 innings, Max Muncy makes his celebratory home run

Oh my, they’re back in it!

A player not worthy of an American League team at the end of the 2017 season came up big-really big-early Saturday morning lifting the Dodgers hopes of a World Series championship following their dramatic 3-2 win over Boston.

Max Muncy, cut by Oakland a year ago, has resurrected his game to sensational heights and finished off Game 3, the longest in World Series history, with a homer that will be remembered forever in Dodgers’ lore.

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Muncy, who opened the season in the minors, today is a World Series hero.

In the process, he revived the Dodgers bid for their first title since 1988 with his walkoff blast in the 18th inning, surely raising the heartbeats of a loud and energetic Dodger crowd which stuck around to the end of the marathon 7 hour hour, 20 minute contest.

A loss would have most certainly sunk the Dodgers, looking at falling behind 3-0 in the best-of-seven-series. Instead, they’re resting easy, thank you, trailing 2-1, full of confidence with two more weekend games at home, and hoping to take the series back to Boston.

The 3-2 pitch, a back foot cutter, to Muncy came off Nathan Eovaldi, a former Dodger, whose 97th pitch in a six inning performance, proved deadly for the Red Sox.

“I got a 3-0 and he was able to work back to two strikes, full count,” Muncy explained to the media. “He had really good stuff all night long and wasn’t missing a spot”

Until he did. “He left this one a little over the plate, and thankfully for me he did that because I was able to get my bat to it.”

In the 15th inning, Muncy connected on a ball, sending it deep to right, but it turned foul into the seats.

Muncy’s dramatic homer was his first walk-off in a career providing plenty of ups-and-downs. This one was was among the ups as teammates greeted him at the plate, showering him with buckets full of Gatorade.

“This one feels good,” he said in the aftermath. “This whole year has been such a surreal experience that’s its hard to put into words. Just getting a chance to play in the World Series has capped it off. And then getting a chance to hit a walk-off home run, obviously there’s not many words I can use to describe that. The feeling was just pure joy and incredible excitement. That’s all I can think of, because it’s hard to describe how good a feeling it is.”

Saturday’s 4th game at Dodger Stadium starts at 5:09 p.m. and will shown on Fox 11 T.V.