District Based Elections Come to South Pasadena

City seeks community input on implementation of district based electoral system

The City of South Pasadena is undergoing a transition to district-based elections after the City Council adopted Resolution 7524 on July 19, as reported by Julian Prime for SouthPasadenan.com https://southpasadenan.com/city-votes-to-implement-district-based-election-system-under-threat-of-lawsuit/

The City is holding meetings that the public is encouraged to attend to give input on various aspects of implementation such as drawing of the electoral maps and “communities of interest”. The City needs to know what communities of interest the residents would like to be considered. For instance, are there specific social, cultural, ethnic, or economic interests? Should school attendance areas, single-family and multi-family housing unit areas, income levels, or areas around parks or other neighborhood landmarks be considered? The City needs to hear from you!

The City has set up a dedicated webpage to be updated daily with additional information, schedule of public hearings, and FAQs., www.southpasadenaca.gov/index.aspx?page=629

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Amedee O. “Dick” Richards, Jr. Council Chambers 1424 Mission Street, South Pasadena ​

    • September 6th • Public Hearing #2 City Council Meeting to review the districting process, to hear from residents about their ideas on potential “communities of interest,” and to receive City Council direction on the criteria to be considered for mapping of districts.
    • September 20th • Public Hearing #3 City Council Meeting to seek resident input on the content of the draft district map(s) and sequence of elections.
    • October 4th • Public Hearing #4 City Council Meeting to select a preferred district map and to introduce an ordinance to transition to district-based elections.