City Hall Update | Council Approves Finance Department Restructuring

Business license streamlining among changes to be made News | South Pasadena City Hall

South Pasadena City Council members have approved a to reorganize the city’s Finance Department to increase efficiencies and improve service to business owners, among other proposed changes.

“This plan will increase the efficiency of one of the City’s core operations, the Finance Department, and improve customer service at no increased cost to taxpayers,” said City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe.

The business license revamp is part of a department-wide reorganization to create more streamlined and customer-friendly financial services.

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Some of the highlights include:

  • Creating a new internal organizational structure that will increase promotional opportunities for employees and allow for improved succession planning, cross training and mentorship.
  • Streamlining the city’s business license operations through a contract with HdL Companies. The HdL partnership would allow business owners to submit and renew their business license applications online and submit payments online, among other benefits.
  • Upgrading employee payroll services through a contract with ADP, LLC, one of the top firms of its kind in the nation.
  • Reducing the number of full-time employees from nine to six.

“The reorganization plan was carefully considered after a thorough review of the department and the needs of our customers,” DeWolfe said. “It is being done with the best interests of our customers, the Finance Department, and the long-term needs of the City in mind.”

John Pope, the city’s public information officer, stressed that there are two customers who will primarily benefit from the restructure in a positive way. “No. 1, the business community, because business licenses will be more efficient and faster,” he said. “The city under this reorganization will be able to do new licenses faster than before and renew existing licenses in a timely way.”

Pope believes if it’s easier to get a business license it will help business development in the city. “Everything you can do in government to make the business process and bureaucracy easier and be a more business-friendly city are positive steps,” he said, noting a new online service for licenses should also expedite the process, noted Pope.

Internally, city employees look to benefit from the restructuring of the city’s finance department as a result of an online payroll system.