City Council | Strategic Plan Objectives Include Sales Tax, CalTrans Properties and Parking Plan

A comprehensive list of the city's projected goals

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | Strategic Planning meeting between councilmembers and city officials discussing the city's core fiscal goals

The South Pasadena City Council adopted an update to its strategic plan April 17, but while the minimum wage proposal took all the airtime, the document includes a substantive set of 29 objectives including a plan for new sales tax initiative. The objectives, divided up under a set of six overarching goals, are all targeted for completion this year, though City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe called that “aspirational.”

The objectives are:

  1. Present a recommendation for a ballot initiative for a sales tax increase to close the city’s projected budget gap.
  2. Engage an architect to prepare concepts for a new City Hall to allow redevelopment of city property through a public-private partnership at “no or low cost.”
  3. Issue a Request for Proposal for redevelopment and/or new management models of the Arroyo Seco golf course facilities with an eye to generating new revenue.
  4. Complete a study on hospitality opportunities, such as the development of a “boutique hotel.”
  5. Complete an indirect cost allocation plan to increase grant reimbursements for staff time.
  6. Launch a branding and marketing plan to attract and retain “desirable” businesses.
  7. Implement a comprehensive parking strategy to aide business patrons.
  8. Research and recommend permit tracking software and a funding strategy.
  9. Complete a promotional video of the city.
  10. Produce a permit application guide to streamline the land use application process.
  11. Research and recommend a dispatch/records management software to meet FBI compliance standards.
  12. Initiate a process to inventory soft story buildings with seismic vulnerability and prepare retrofit regulations.
  13. Recommend an updated crisis communication system.
  14. Train graduating high school students on “Hands On CPR.”
  15. Prepare a plan to address the city’s inability to maintain operations during critical periods.
  16. Develop an outreach program to educate the public about the influx and dangers of non-native mosquitoes.
  17. Develop an integrated water resources plan.
  18. Complete the Climate Action Plan to provide an “umbrella under which a city-wide environmental sustainability plan” can be developed.
  19. Finalize plans to begin construction of the Berkshire pocket park.
  20. Assemble the technical support needed to design and build the Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management alternative adopted as the preferred alternative in the SR-1710 North environmental reviews.
  21. Find a consultant to facilitate affordable housing at Caltrans properties.
  22. Present a revised Affordable Dwelling Unit ordinance as the current ordinance is insufficiently flexible.
  23. Present an occupancy inspection ordinance to ensure quality of living standards in rental housing.
  24. Bring forth an inclusionary housing ordinance to better meet state housing standards.
  25. Present a tenant relocation ordinance to help tenants under specific circumstances.
  26. Implement “MobileCirc” to allow for library card services at off-site events.
  27. Adopt a neighborhood traffic management policy.
  28. Introduce an integrated credit card system to reduce the city’s cash acceptance points.
  29. Research and recommend software for a customer care app “to streamline the process of submitting issues to the city.”


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