City Council | Live Public Comment via Zoom

Participants will once again have an opportunity to directly communicate with councilmembers

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | South Pasadena City Councilmember Diana Mahmud who pressed very hard for a November ballot measure at the Planning Commission and at an earlier City Council session, said the city had now run out of time to put together “an appropriate and tailored” proposal to put before voters later this year

In another slight return to some relative normalcy, the City of South Pasadena began accepting live public comment via Zoom as of the most recent City Council meeting on May 19.

Though still through digital format, this marks the first time in over a year that citizens were able to directly communicate in realtime with councilmembers regarding various issues. Many jumped at the chance to “raise their hand”, using the specified Zoom icon on the toolbar.

Per the usual protocol, participants are limited to 3 minutes per agenda item, during which time moderators will un-mute the mic for the speaker.

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According to a City statement, written comments are still accepted and can be submitted to, however the voicemail call-in option — which served as the alternative for regular public comment due to COVID mandates — will no longer be an option.

Public comment will also be received for closed session items at the beginning of each meeting, as the council will then convene for closed session discussion and release the public from the meeting. Any action taken in closed session will be reported by the City Attorney during the open session meeting immediately following. A separate Zoom webinar link will be provided for open session for the public to attend.

Speakers are invited to provide name (optional) and the agenda item about which you are commenting or, alternatively, to specify you are making a general public comment about an item NOT appearing on the agenda. Please visit the City Council agenda meeting page for additional guidelines.