Beware of Package Theft in South Pasadena

As online holiday purchases increase so do thefts off front porches

It’s increasingly becoming a huge problem, the notion that someone can simply park in front of a person’s house, walk to the front porch, pick-up a package, return to the vehicle and drive away.

Officer Richard Lee, a crime prevention officer with the South Pasadena Police Department, hears about the crime all too often and wants to heed advice to residents by providing a few safety tips to help avoid potential losses.

“Most package thefts are a crime of opportunity, while others may follow the delivery truck,” wrote Lee in the December issue of the city’s Neighborhood Watch newsletter, published monthly by the SPPD. “Fortunately, most delivery carriers now have internet tracking capabilities. Just register with the appropriate carrier and follow the progress.

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The following are some preventative tips offered by Lee.


  • If your employer allows it, consider having packages delivered to your workplace.


  • Always get a tracking number so you can track the delivery schedule.


  • If you can’t be home to accept delivery, have a trusted neighbor pick-up the package.


  • Consider having the delivery carrier hold the package at the local facility for you to pick up.


  • Pick-up packages promptly from your front porch.


  • Install a surveillance camera around the front porch area to help police catch the suspect and to act as a deterrent against potential thefts.