October 29, 2020, 7:21 am

Rick Thomas

Author Rick Thomas is the former museum curator and vice-chair of education for the South Pasadena Preservation Foundation. He served on the South Pasadena Natural Resources Commission, helping to maintain a strict policy protecting the city’s great old-growth trees. Using touchstone photographs from his own collection—one of the San Gabriel Valley’s largest accumulations of historical images and artifacts—as well as national, state, and local historical archives, Thomas provides a window to his city’s past and an understanding of why its preservation is so important.

A World Less Certain | Helping to Heal Wounded Knee

Massacre at Wounded Knee – A Family Journey My mother read stories to me as a child about the American Indian chiefs. My bedroom walls were covered with their images while I was growing up....

A World Less Certain | Basketball Saves Lives

The signs were there. It was only a matter of time before the Americas would be hit hard by COVID-19. It was inevitable: the bureaucratic embolism of denial from federal, state, county, and city...

A World Less Certain | Enter The Zoom Room

Finding a “happy space” is sometimes referred to as a trouble-free mindset or a physical space where you can kick back and chill out. The Happy Room While supervising a call center team, management converted a...

A World Less Certain | Time Warp

Everything is crazy now. Opening up. Shutting down. Back to work. Shelter in place. Walking around. Covering our face. The pandemic lifestyle is like being trapped in a revolving door. Every day feels like the day before. In the...

A World Less Certain | Kiss the Kiss Goodbye?

The hug. The handshake. The kiss. Will humans reinvent them, or morph them into something new? Perhaps the air-hug replaces a real hug, an elbow bump takes the place of a handshake, and a...

A World Less Certain | The Purge

Since the recent riots and mass protests, there is a reexamination of our country’s past. The shift of public sentiment is inevitable. The rush to purge the distasteful elements of our ongoing racism is...

A World Less Certain | Magic Bus

Since my stroke last month, I’ve been thinking about the world and our power to change lives. Whether it is the unseen killer of our current pandemic, or the untimely killer I survived a few...

A World Less Certain | On Thin Ice

During the pandemic, we are all walking on thin ice, some more than others. In my case, I didn't know until...THE STROKE. A couple of weeks ago, I was putting the finishing touches on my...

A World Less Certain | Rats on Parade

My brain is viewed by many as tainted because of my upbringing. I am white, male, and elderly - I lean liberal but vote conservative. My party preference does not exist. Some people think...

A World Less Certain | The Perfect Storm

Spring is ending with an early sweet summer breeze – only to be set ablaze at the end of May. After weathering months of stay-at-home orders, Los Angeles residents are now adapting to the new-new...
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