November 26, 2021, 8:47 pm

Steven Lawrence

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Eclectic Music Festival a Smashing Event | Big Crowds, Fantastic Music, Excellent Shopping &...

Crowds conservatively estimated at around 8,500 comfortably filled a closed-to-traffic Mission Street in South Pasadena for a big day of entertainment.  People were asking: "Where do I get tickets to get in?" There's no...

CLOSING | Big Lots South Pasadena

The South Pasadena Big Lots discount retail store is closing down the location on the corner of Huntington Drive and Fremont Avenue. Braun, the store manager confirmed the decision by the corporate chain.  Why? A newer,...

METRO TRAINS STOPPED | Gold Line Down for Planned Maintenance

According to SCE and LA METRO: "Gold Line South Pasadena: Sat Mar 30 from 7am to 7:30pm, buses replace train service between Highland Park Station and Fillmore Station Please allow extra time.  South Pasadena train...

Hob Knobin’ Howard | Calm Before the Next Storm

This is one of the oldest South Pasadenans in town - in horse years.  Meet: Howie the horse.  A 31 year old, 5th generation descendant of the famous racehorse 'Man o' War'. Equestrienne Connie Flanders...

Severe Weather | Rainstorm Forecasts Say Worst is Yet to Come

First Responders: Ten calls to the South Pasadena Fire Department so far today as a severe rainstorm blows through the Pasadena Metro Area. One tree fell and hit a house this afternoon on the 500 block...

UPDATE | Fire at Metro Station on Meridian Ave

3:26 pm Monday Afternoon | Be advised Fire & Police first responders are racing to answer a call for a 'vehicle fire' on Meridian Avenue near the Metro South Pasadena Station. News reporters are...

CRASHED | YOUTUBE Went Down Globally

CRASHED/Outage: is arguably the largest platform for streaming video with billions of views monthly around the world and was showing code '500 Server Error' for about 2 hours. The reason for major outage is...

South Pasadena Officer-Involved Shooting Press Conference    

School Students Learn Firsthand About Safety

While visiting the South Pasadena Public Library Saturday afternoon, elementary students Evan and Olivia from Arroyo Vista Elementary were witnesses to an elevator rescue that occured due to a power outage. They got to see...

Elevator Rescue | Woman Trapped in Stuck Elevator at South Pasadena Library

The South Pasadena Public Library temporarily lost power during a city-wide power outage on Saturday 8-11-2018 at approximately 2:30pm. The loss of power affected the library elevator and caused it to be stuck with...
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