Sinkhole on Monterey Road

It will be covered by a metal plate as repairs are scheduled to begin on Monday, June 18, as road construction continues

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Sink hole on Monterey Rd near Glendon causes lane closure

During the final paving of Monterey Road on Friday, workers discovered that sinkhole has developed on the busy thoroughfare.

According to Alex Chou, an associate civil engineer on the project, the sinkhole has developed at 852 Monterey Road.

“For safety reasons, we have covered the sink hole with a steel plate and the lane will be closed,” Chou said in a statement.

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He added that the contractor will return on Monday, June 18, to make the necessary repairs.

Chou said a westbound lane on Monterey Road from Meridian Avenue to Glendon Way will be closed throughout the weekend.

City officials are asking to be patient while road construction in underway on the normally busy thoroughfare that has slowed traffic considerably in recent days.

Repairs to the sinkhole, which is covered by a metal plate, is scheduled for Monday.