Anne Disselhorst – A Handcrafted Life

Beloved owner of Fiore Market Café Has Passed Away

PHOTO: Bill Disselhorst | | Bill and Anne

Sadly, the “Mom” of the Mom & Pop culinary gem that is Fiore Market Café has passed away suddenly. Anne Disselhorst suffered a massive stroke caused by a large tumor no one knew she had. Her husband, Bill, and her sons Patrick and James are devastated at the sudden loss of their matriarch and the community of South Pasadena mourns the loss of a bright light and talent in our city.

PHOTO: Bill Disselhorst | | Bill and Anne Disselhorst in front of Fiore Market Café on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the restaurant’s opening

Bill and Anne’s charming café has become a gathering place for South Pasadenans over the years and so much of that is due to the love and passion they both have for food and life. One or both of them are there every day and customers know them by name and many speak of Anne’s sense of humor and joie de vivre. Married for 30 years, Anne met Bill in 1986 at a restaurant where she was a waitress and Bill was her manager.

They opened Fiore Market Café on the northern side of the Fremont Centre Theatre in December of 2010 and in seven years have become beloved members of the community, loved and admired by fellow business owners, customers and neighborhood friends. Anyone who follows them on Instagram knows the love they have of their beautiful on-site vegetable garden, freshly baked bread every day, and Anne’s delicious pastries. Fleur, the little European boutique off the Fiore patio, is all Anne; antiques, imported olive oils, French soaps and other unique items inspired by her many trips to the old country, all specially curated by Anne. She loved anything handcrafted, created from scratch and was passionate about sharing her passion and sharing the creativity of others who inspired her. She and Bill created a blog specifically to highlight creatives in our community:

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PHOTO: Bill Disselhorst | | Bill and Anne Disselhorst seen here at Central Park in New York City

Anne Disselhorst leaves a gaping hole in the lives of her most precious men, Bill, Patrick and James and she has left a legacy of love here in South Pasadena through her generosity, passion, wit, grace and glorious food.

Friend and owner of Fremont Centre Theatre, Lissa Reynolds, says of Anne, “she was so sweet! Always calm and happy. I’m so used to seeing her every day at Fiore. She will be missed indeed. I have been hugging Bill, and Anne is in my heart all day. To be continued…dear Anne.”

May she rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to the Disselhorst family and friends.

A Celebration of Anne’s life is planned for Friday August 5th – noon to three at Fiore Market Café. Casual dress; the family invites you to share a memory of Anne.

PHOTO: Bill Disselhorst | | Posted on Instagram below this photo of Anne with her sons, Bill wrote these words: “This is a photo I took of Anne with Patrick and James. We were in New York to see Patrick. I don’t think Anne was ever happier than in that moment. We walked everywhere and she didn’t like to walk much. She was so happy to be with her three boys including me. I hate to write what I have to write. It is too painful for all of us and all of you. Anne suffered a massive stroke in her brain caused by a very large tumor that no one knew she had. She is on a ventilator while they find recipients for her organs. She would want to give life to someone of need. I don’t know what to say. She loved you all so much. Her heart was full of love and of course humor which you all know. We miss her so much already.”


Note from the editor & news staff:

“To Bill, Family & Fiore Market: You and your work have become a cherished part of the fabric of our community and our life’s experience as South Pasadenans. Please know that we are all with you, we are all your family here. Anne is with all of us.”

~Steven Lawrence & Crew |



  1. We have enjoyed many of the amazing faire & special ambience of Fiori’s café. I’m so sorry to hear about this unexpected loss of a very special light in the world. Sincere condolences to her beautiful family. Yes, she will be missed. Thank you for this beautiful article .