Trash Billing Changes Coming

Multiple Bills During January and February 2018

Residential Rubbish Billing Changes Will Result in Multiple Bills During January and February 2018

Billing for rubbish (solid waste) services will transition from the City of South Pasadena to Athens Services as of January 1, 2018. Athens currently bills commercial accounts for rubbish services and will be

streamlining the City’s utility billing process by also administering residential billing. The transition will result in multiple bills to residential customers during January and February of 2018.

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Athens utilizes a different billing timeline that bills customers quarterly and in advance of service. Further, Athens uses the same billing cycle for all customers. The City bills customers bi-monthly for two months of prior service, and bills customers in eight different cycles, rather than all at once.

Customers will receive a bill from the City for November and December rubbish service as part of their regular billing cycle during the months of January and February 2018. However, customers will also receive a bill from Athens in February for rubbish services for January,

February and March of 2018. There will be no overlap of service periods and customers are not being double-billed for the same service. The next quarterly bill for rubbish service will be sent in April for service in April, May and June.

The City currently contracts with Global Water for water, rubbish, and sewer billings. Global Water will continue to bill residents for water and sewer on a bi- monthly basis. There will be no change to the billing cycle for water and sewer.

In order to assist with the transition in billing, both Global Water and Athens Services offer payment plans. Customers may contact both companies directly for more information on available options.

Over the next several months, the City will make every effort to ensure residents continue to be informed about the transition and the changes that will be reflected on their utility bills.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the transition can be found on the City’s website. You may also contact the City via email or call the Finance Department (626) 403-7250

Global Water (855) 518-4012 Athens Services (888) 336-6100