Rate Changes for Water and Sewer

City officials say the increase in water and sewer rates is to generate sufficient revenues to ensure reliable water and sewer services

City of South Pasadena residents did an exceptional job in meeting the water conservation requirements mandated by the State of California. However, the prolonged drought in southern California has seriously impacted the water supply. This is especially true of ground water from where South Pasadena obtains the majority of its water. These sources are at historically low levels.

The City Council is proposed to increase the water and sewer rates to generate sufficient revenues to ensure reliable water and sewer services.

At a public hearing last November, the council approved establishing new water and sewer rates. The new rates went into effect January 1.

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Global Water will continue to bill customers on a bi-monthly basis for water and sewer services. Residents will see the new water and sewer rates for January 2018 service on their bills around March 2018.

While the water rates for the residential customers are increasing, the sewer rates will be slightly lower than the what the current residential customers are currently paying. The sewer bills for the commercial customers will be based on actual water consumption instead of a fixed monthly charge. Small businesses using less water will see a slight decrease in their sewer bills, however businesses using more water will see an increase in their sewer bills.

The proposed water rates will still include an efficiency fee for water conservation projects throughout the city as well as water conservation rebates for residents.

If you have any questions regarding the proposed rates please contact the Finance Department at (626) 403-7250. More information on the proposed rates can also be found here http://www.southpasadenaca.gov on the City’s website.