EVICTION MORATORIUM | Special Council Meeting Nov. 6

The special meeting will start at 7:29 p.m, in City Council Chambers Nov 6. It will be discussing a possible ban on evictions without just cause

South Pasadena no-fault evictions have devastated many families over the last few years. Some South Pasadena residents have lived here for generations, now being kicked-out. Evictions are on the rise due to new legislation that starts early 2020.

The City Council has called a special meeting Wednesday, Nov. 6, to consider a temporary, 60-day ordinance that would prohibit tenant evictions without just cause.

South Pasadena, like many of its neighboring cities, has seen a recent increase in tenant evictions in advance of Jan. 1, 2020, when a state cap on rent increases is set to take effect.

The proposed ordinance would place a moratorium on evictions without just cause until Jan. 1. It would set in place provisions of the state law, AB 1482, in advance of Jan. 1.

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PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | Resident Evelyn Allen, recently spoke to City Council about the mass evictions occurring throughout South Pasadena, her own apartment included

“In the past week the City has heard from an alarming number of residents who are facing evictions,” said City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe. “The Council has asked for a special meeting to consider the moratorium as an emergency ordinance that could be put in place quickly.”

If passed on Wednesday, the moratorium would take effect immediately.

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | Residents gathered at the last City Council meeting, with close to 30 public comments that evening

The special meeting will start at 7:29 p.m., just before the Council’s regularly scheduled meeting of 7:30 p.m. Under the state’s open meetings law, the Brown Act, new agenda items cannot be added to a regular agenda within 48 hours of posting, but a special meeting can be called with a 24 hour-notice.

The meeting will be in the Council Chambers, 1424 Mission St., South Pasadena. Please visit the City’s web site to view the full agenda and staff reports.