Aaron Huelsman

Aaron Huelsman
Aaron Huelsman is a zoologist, media producer, and South Pasadena High graduate set on making science, particularly biology, accessible to the public. He has worked on multiple documentaries and film projects for UC Santa Barbara and the National Park Service.

First-Ever Collared Mountain Lion Crosses 405 Freeway

In the 17 years that the National Park Service has operated their notable mountain lion study, the cats' encounters with the 405 Freeway haven't often gone well. In 2009 an un-collared mountain lion was struck...

Coexisting with Coyotes | Dispelling Myths & Reinforcing Safety Tips

The much-maligned coyote, like other North American predators, is caught in a no-win situation. With less space than ever before to survive, the incredibly adaptable species has been able to successfully incorporate urban environments into...

$2.5 Million Diverted From National Park Service for Trump’s July 4 Parade

What does "America the Beautiful" mean to us on this day, July 4? What patriotic images and beautiful symbols of our country does it conjure? For the Trump administration, apparently not the amber waves of...

Keeping July 4th Red, White, Blue, and Green

A pleasant philosophy on celebrating July 4th, recently overheard: "Everyone's got that crazy uncle. Well, no matter what you think of them, you don't talk smack about them on their birthday. The U.S. is...

Rodenticide Ban | State Senate Committee Passes Eco-Friendly Bill

It's well-known that humanity's impacts on the natural world are heavy and far-reaching. Many of our actions come with damaging consequences for the environment; myriad headlines concerning climate change and microplastics in our food...

Invasive Mosquitoes Pose New Threat to South Pasadena

Mosquitoes -- one of the natural banes of our existence. We're all familiar with the tickle, the itch, the scratching, the pleasant outdoor evenings given up because their bites are getting to be too...

Citizens for LA Wildlife | Conservation Group Presents at LA Middle School

The word "wildlife" often conjures images of exotic creatures in lush, foreign scapes - lions, tigers, elephants, and many other species not found on this continent. Citizens for LA Wildlife (CLAW), a local volunteer conservation...

Dog-Walking 101 | Here’s the Scoop on Poop

Humans love dogs. And rightly so — our four-legged friends have provided us with lifetimes of loyalty, companionship, and support since their domestication 25,000 years ago. It's important to remember that the responsibilities that come...

Coachella Music Festival | Littering Breaks the Illusion

On 3 sunny, bone-dry days between April 12th and 14th, 2019, thousands of fans gathered in Indio, California to attend one of the most popular commercial music festivals in the world: Coachella. Since its inaugural...
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