A Thank You on Orange Grove

A Barking News Feature

If you’re going down Orange Grove around Magnolia Street you’ll notice a colorful ‘Thank You’ yard sign with most of the important ‘COVID Essential Services’ on it.
That sign was created by none other than 9 year old Oliver from Arroyo Vista, and his brother Zach, who is 12 years old and will be an 8th grader at SPMS next fall.
What makes this particular sign so special is all the family they have on the front lines during COVID-19 pandemic ‘safer at home’ shut down. Oliver pointed out “…it looks great too!…”
Here’s the list:
An uncle: An ICU RN at Glendale Adventist. His wife, their aunt: An RN at Kaiser. Another aunt who is a teacher. An aunt who is a Los Angeles Police Officer, working COVID emergency logistics. An uncle who works deliveries for FedEx, and another uncle who delivers for OnTrac.
Now THAT is a family on the front lines!
It was their neighbor, and property manager Rosa who suggested they might make a sign to thank all the service workers keeping everything going – she supplied the poster board too.
The boys’ hoped to make difference by putting a smile on someones face as they drove by, and for all of our service professionals to know they are very much appreciated.
First to respond to the ‘thank you’ sign: Their Athens trash pickup driver. His day was brightened. Mission accomplished.
Oliver (9 years old) and Zach (12 years old) SOUTH PASADENA