Musk Security Guard Allegedly Rams Motorist in South Pasadena Parking Lot

South Pasadena officials today said that someone–they won’t say who–believes that it was member of Elon Musk’s security team who used his vehicle on the evening of Tuesday December 13 to ram into another motorist parked in a South Pasadena parking lot after accusing the motorist of following him on the freeway, and then fleeing the scene before police arrived.

The City initially said it did not believe Musk or any member of his family were present during the altercation, but less than an hour later issued a revised press release amending that language to say only that they do not think Musk himself was present.

The City declined to clarify if the incident they reported is the same as one Musk posted December 13, in which he included a video of what he said was a “crazy stalker” who tailed a car “in LA” carrying his 2-year-old son before climbing on top of the hood.

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In a press release, the South Pasadena Police Department said that at 9:51 pm Tuesday, December 13 they responded to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon at the 700 block of Mission Street. The victim, a 29-year-old man from Connecticut, said he’d exited the northbound 110 freeway to make a call in the lot. While parked, another vehicle pulled up directly in front of him, blocking his path. The driver exited his vehicle, approached the victim and made the accusation of following. Then, while leaving the scene, “he struck him with his vehicle.” The victim sustained “superficial injuries,” SPPD said.

“It appears that each party captured video during the dispute,” SPPD said in its press release. It did not disclose the names of either party or disclose what the victim said about the alleged following. 

The suspect had already left the scene when police arrived. “At no time during the incident did the victim identify the suspect or indicate the altercation was anything more than coincidental,” SPPD said in the press release. 

It wasn’t until Thursday December 15, the day after Musk issued his report on the incident involving his son, that police learned the suspect may have been a member of Musk’s security team.

Detectives are reviewing the evidence and video. They said efforts to contact Musk and his security team “are underway,” and asked any witnesses to contact Detective Catalina Valdez at the department at 626-403-7284. 

Ben Tansey
Ben Tansey is a journalist and author. He grew up in the South Bay and is a graduate of Evergreen State College. He worked in Washington State as a reporter in a rural timber community and for many years as an editor for a Western electric energy policy publication based in Seattle.