Letter to the Editor | ‘We Support Stephen Rossi and Lawrence Abelson’

City Council Special Meeting, Open Session, September 2, 2020: Agenda Item No. 1 The Statement Below was Recorded Via City’s Voicemail to Be Played Back during the Council Meeting

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Dear Mayor and City Council:

As South Pasadena residents who live in District No. 2, we, Delaine Shane and Susan Sulsky, thank most of the city council who voted for the expedited process to appoint the interim council member.

For those of us residents in the southern portion of the district, we have not received a fair share of basic core services or attention to problems that are specific to our area for decades. To appoint someone who does not understand our concerns will be a continuation of what we have suffered, especially in the last few years. It matters not a bit to us how qualified you think the candidate is if the questions you ask, and their answers, fit your narrative only.

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Had residents an opportunity to ask each candidate 3 questions, these might have been of value:

1. What aspects of serving as an interim council member are most important to you?

2. What steps would you take to put our city on a firmer financial footing?

3. How would you build a “bridge” between residents of the southern part of District 2 and City Hall to begin repairing longstanding problems?

As a reminder to you, our area:

  • Has some of the worse street pavements in the City that are below the State standards.
  • Continues to have Meridian Avenue bear the burden of being the unofficial 710 speedway with more than 54 known collisions in the past five years and putting our residents at risk by simply crossing the street.
  • Supports a disproportionately large number of Caltrans owned property mostly vacant and dilapidated in condition, that could offer affordable housing to the community.
  • Experiences highly selective code enforcement.
  • Is now starting to have affordable, historic cottages torn down and replaced completely with upscale, luxury housing units that disrupts the historic fabric of the neighborhood and evicts and/or excludes our residents who rent and earn low to moderate incomes.
  • Contains a promised pocket park on Berkshire Avenue that remains a vacant lot.

Given the list of candidates who applied, we support Stephen Rossi and Lawrence Abelson. Both gentlemen are strongly civic minded, fair, honest, and trustworthy. They are also well versed in financial matters, which is clearly needed. And they are strongly committed to helping all of District 2, including our southern area.


Delaine W. Shane, 2003 Meridian Avenue

Susan L. Sulsky, 2013 Meridian Avenue







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