BREAKING NEWS: First COVID-19 Death at a Pasadena Hospital Reported

A 34-yaer-old Glendora man died in a Pasadena hospital Thursday less than a week after testing positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and less than three weeks after returning from a trip to Walt Disneyworld and Universal Studios in Florida. Jeffrey Ghazrian is the second known death from the new disease in Los Angeles County, where there are now 231 people with the virus, according to the county health department.

According to TMZ, Ghazrian flew to Orlando from LA March 2 in connection with a work assignment but stayed a bit longer to go to Disney World with friends. He developed a sever cough and returned to LAX March 9 where he headed to an emergency room with a high fever. X-rays confirmed pneumonia. He was tested for COVID-19 and sent home with fluids and antibiotics and told to self-quarantine.

The results came back positive Wednesday and Ghazrian was taken to hospital the next day where was put in ICU where his lungs were found to be severely blocked with pneumonia. He was put on a ventilator but passed.

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Ghazrian reportedly had a history of asthma and bronchitis as a child and had surgery in 2016 for testicular cancer.

Shortly after being diagnosed with cancer in January 2016, a friend took to GoFundMe where $2,005 was raised towards his treatment.

“It has been a whirlwind week to say the least,” he wrote. “Let my story serve as a reminder to do regular self check ups and to visit your doctor. Just wanted to tell you to be excellent to each other and that I love you all. Thank you all in advance for the prayers/positive thoughts/good vibes.”

Ben Tansey
Ben Tansey is a journalist and author. He grew up in the South Bay and is a graduate of Evergreen State College. He worked in Washington State as a reporter in a rural timber community and for many years as an editor for a Western electric energy policy publication based in Seattle.