Addams Family Musical at South Pasadena High School – APRIL 20th, 21st, & 22nd ONLY!

GET TICKETS TODAY! SPHS Drama in final rehearsals for big Spring musical, The Addams Family set to run for one weekend only, April 20-22

Ba-Da-Da-Dum, Snap Snap! South Pasadena students in drama, dance, music and production are in the final two grueling weeks of technical and dress rehearsals for the annual spring musical. This year, they are thrilled to bring the community the wacky, hilarious adventures of the iconic Addams Family. Precious daughter of darkness, Wednesday Addams, has fallen for a “normal” guy from the sensible mid-western Beineke family and begs her ghoulish loved ones for “One Normal Night” when her beloved and his parents come to dinner. Hilarity, song, dance and mayhem ensue when the two families collide in this delightfully nutty musical that is fun for the whole family.

PHOTO: Morgan BeVard | | Lucy Eller as Grandmama and Anders Keith as Uncle Fester with the cast of The Addams Family at South Pasadena High School

Director Nick Hoffa tells us, “Now that I am watching it unfold during rehearsals, I’m struck by how charming and funny all this weirdness is. Everything seems set-up to disarm and then charm you. I think the community is going to have a great time. Ms Cheyne has done amazing work with the dancers, Mrs. Jones with the singers, and Mr Jontz has a really intricate set plan.”

Hoffa goes on to say, “that said, it isn’t just fun. The last song is called Move Toward the Darkness. It is not about moving to bad things, but rather about facing your fears. Looking at that which is frightening to you and in the face of that fear, choosing love and family to get you through. I certainly hope that message resonates with the community as much as it does with me.”

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“Oh we are having a blast” says senior, Mateo Diez, who plays Wednesday’s love interest, Lucas. “Everyone has been really putting in the work – and now, with the choreography, the dancers and the costumes coming together, we’re just having so much fun. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | Mateo Diez as Lucas with his parents, Alice and Mal Beineke played by Cole Fox and Miles Mendoza in The Addams Family at South Pasadena High School April 20-22, 2018

Senior Adam Fagenson plays Gomez and explains that playing the family patriarch is quite fun but also a real task saying, “he’s a character who really pushes my comfort zone in acting, but I really enjoy that challenge. He’s got four or more solos. It’s a heck of a lot to do.” Of the show Fagenson adds, “I think people will be surprised by how good the show is. There isn’t an untalented person among us. It’s the best musical we’ve put on since I started at SPHS in 2014, and already its overall quality is through the roof. It’s a funny show, and we have all the right folks in it, committed as ever. It’s also possibly the biggest production that we’ve put on in a long time, and it’s certainly going to prove itself as one of the best shows we’ve ever done.”

PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | The cast of The Addams Family rehearse the opening number “When You’re an Addams” in the Little Theatre. The show will take place in the main auditorium of South Pasadena High School April 20-22, 2018

Echoing that sentiment is Junior Lindsey Calva, who plays Morticia, “the show is coming together quite nicely. Everyone is really on top of their parts and really into characterization. The best part about playing Morticia is that it is completely different from every part I have ever played. I’ve never had the opportunity to try so many new things and be someone so unique in any show. I’m looking forward to showing the community how much talent our school has and how hard working we all are.”

PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | Lucas (Mateo Diez) tries to convince Wednesday Addams (Rose McCollough) that he is “Crazier Than You” in The Addams Family playing April 20-22 at South Pasadena High School

The large cast and crew are working with the orchestra this week and will head into tech and dress rehearsals beginning Monday as they prepare to dazzle their audience on opening night, Friday April 20. The show runs one weekend only so do not miss this very special show.

PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | Adam Fagenson and Claire Kucera with fellow cast members of The Addams Family set to open at South Pasadena High School on April 20, 2018
PHOTO: Lily Anderson | | Director Nick Hoffa at a recent rehearsal of The Addams Family at South Pasadena High School

When asked what the audience may find surprising about The Addams Family, Hoffa said, “on the surface, it is a traditional story about two families from different sides of the tracks meeting, but in almost every scene there is a fun little surprise. In Addams Family tradition, the normal is just a little off, while still being recognizable. For example, the Ancestors is the name given to the chorus, but each Ancestor is their own descendent from Addams family past. Each of those Ancestors have a character name and a history all to themselves. That level of detail makes every scene a little bit of a surprise.”

Tickets are now on sale! The Addams Family (directed by Nick Hoffa, technical direction by James Jontz, musical direction by Lia Jones, choreography by Courtney Cheyne) runs Friday April 20th & Saturday April 21st at 7pm. Sunday April 22nd at 2pm. Auditorium South Pasadena High School, 1401 Fremont Ave. South Pasadena. General Admission is $15, children under 12 $10. Tickets may be purchased online at, in the SPHS student bank after noon, or in the SPHS Main Office.