ACE HARDWARE Soft Opening July 3rd

The new South Pasadena Ace Hardware store will be holding it's 'soft opening' next Wednesday, in anticipation of the grand opening sometime in August

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | The new Ace Hardware location on Fair Oaks in South Pasadena will be opening it's doors for the day to the public on Wednesday, July 3

Just in time for the 4th of July, Ace Hardware will be opening its doors to residents for a ‘soft opening’ next Wednesday, July 3rd.

Located in the same building in which Orchard Supply was located for decades, the new hardware store is eager to join the community. The feeling is certainly mutual as residents were in high hopes that another hardware supply store would replace OSH, which served as the primary store of its kind within South Pasadena’s borders.

With the community left in the dark for months, banners were raised back in May to announce the arrival of Ace Hardware as the new tenants of the largely coveted plot.

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PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | News | ACE Hardware in South Pasadena

“It feels wonderful, we’ve been working very hard these last couple of months. My team has been working day in, day out, just to make sure things happen and we’re all working harmoniously,” says Carlos Andrade, the location’s General Manager, while admiring the store’s vibrant and lush nursery.

Though July 3rd’s ‘soft opening’ won’t be the official grand opening of Ace Hardware, Andrade says that we can look forward to the store’s big day around the end of August.

Nevertheless, it seems that the excitement is palpable with Andrade proclaiming:

“We’re going to bring legendary customer service to our community – we’re going to give that experience to the customer you cannot find anywhere else. That is my main goal, to get those customers to become loyal ones… I know that some of those previous (customers) from Orchard (Supply) are going to be familiar faces to us so we’re going to try and get their attention back and hopefully win them as they become loyal customers again.”

Ace Hardware is located at 452 Fair Oaks Ave South Pasadena, CA 91030