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PHOTO: Jeff Lorch | South Pasadena News | Maura Tierney and Evan Jonigkeit in Witch at Geffen Playhouse

A savagely devilish WITCH opened this weekend at Geffen Playhouse. Jen Silverman’s new play weaves the tale of a darkly-clad stranger named Scratch, basically an emissary of the devil himself, who is keen on racking up his sales quota with the souls of local townsfolk in the village of Edmonton. The time period is “Then-ish, but equally of our moment”, with the cast dressed in a somewhat early colonial style of dress yet using contemporary vernacular.

PHOTO: Jeff Lorch | South Pasadena News | Ruy Iskandar, Vella Lovell and Brian George in Witch at Geffen Playhouse.

Scratch, an irresistible Evan Jonigkeit deliciously devouring the role, cajoles each of the main characters into selling him their soul in exchange for their deepest, darkest desire. We meet the people of the castle; a wealthy duke of sorts, Sir Arthur Banks, who is eager to see his son, Cuddy, carry on his legacy. However, Cuddy is not interested and all he wants to do is dance. His nemesis, and also his obsession, is the interloper Frank Thorney, a young man down on his luck who has charmed his way into Sir Arthur’s good graces and who is determined to become the favored heir. Complicating matters is the housemaid, Winnifred, who is actually secretly married to Frank.

PHOTO: Jeff Lorch | South Pasadena News | Maura Tierney and Evan Jonigkeit in Witch at Geffen Playhouse.

On the edge of town lives a strong, intelligent woman that the townsfolk have labeled a witch. After making deals with both Frank and Cuddy, basically for each other’s destruction, Scratch sets his sights on Elizabeth Sawyer, the witch. She proves a tough nut to crack and Scratch embarks on his own journey of self discovery as Elizabeth makes him think in ways he’s never considered. The characters go on a wild ride, careening into a dramatic conclusion that none of them expect, bringing to mind the old saying “be careful what you wish for.”

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Witch is thought provoking and wickedly funny with masterful performances from a terrific cast including a beguiling Maura Tierney as Elizabeth, the dashing Ruy Iskandar as Frank, Will Von Vogt, who turns in an impassioned performance as the conflicted Cuddy, and rounded out by the delightfully sassy Vella Lovell as the put upon Winnifred and Brian George brings a sweet melancholy and parental ineptitude to Sir Arthur Banks.

Witch runs at Geffen Playhouse August 29 – September 29, 2019



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