Wildfires: 100,000 Acres and Still Going

With the rise of all time high temperatures in California huge blazes continue to burn

PHOTO: Cal Fire | SouthPasasdenan.com | The Carr fire rages on

Triple digit temperatures will continue into the first weekend of August across the central and northern areas of California. While these temperatures will not affect the greater Los Angeles area, fires will continue unabated because of the heat. Temperatures in the state are on average 4 degrees above normal this year.

The devastating Carr Fire near Redding in Northern California and Shasta County continues undaunted while temperatures are at an all time high. The current and on-going weather pattern will fuel the wildfires and complicate firefighting efforts.

New flare-ups can turn a small fire into an inferno very quickly. To date the blaze has taken the lives of six people. Due to the size and fierceness of the fire a localized weather system has been created which will make it difficult for specialists to be able to predict the direction of the fire.

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At least seven people are still reported as missing in Shasta County and steep terrain and shifting winds have assisted the fire in destroying almost 100,000 acres by Sunday night.

Meanwhile in Idyllwild the Cranston fires, while still raging, have been contained by over 50 %. Brandon N. McGlover a Temecula resident has been arrested by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for suspicion of the blaze as well as 8 other fires.

To date the Cranston blaze has destroyed over 11,500 acres. Evacuation orders have been lifted for people living in the Idyllwild and Pine Cove areas but the possibility of thunder and lightning storms may increase the danger and expansion of the fire if the mountainous areas are affected.

It is unknown at the current time just when the heat will abate long enough to get an advantage on these gigantic blazes.