SPPD Weekly Crime Summary | Oct 20-26, 2020

Crimes and arrests from the week of October 20-26 in South Pasadena

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | South Pasadena Police Department

The Weekly Crime Summary is a list of reported auto thefts, burglaries, robberies and other activities occurring in the City of South Pasadena. An alert and well-informed citizen makes you less of a target to a criminal. Remember; call the South Pasadena Police Department to report any suspicious activity.


• 10-20-20, 5:00 PM, 900 Block of Fair Oaks, Suspect(s) enter building, take loss without paying for items, and leave in a vehicle, ’00 Toyota 4Runner. LOSS: Bottles of alcohol. SUSPECT DESCRIPTIONS: S1- Female, black top, gray leggings. S1- Female, black top, and unknown bottoms.

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• 10-13-20, 8:00 PM, to 10-13-20, 9:00 PM, 700 Block of Prospect, ’16 Volkswagen unknown model. Suspect(s) enter victim’s vehicle and take loss. LOSS: U.S currency.

• 10-02-20, 6:05 PM, 1100 Block of Fair Oaks. Suspect(s) take loss belonging to victim from the counter. LOSS: Cell phone.

• 10-20-20, 12:00 PM to 10-22-20, 8:00 AM, 1700 Block of Gillette Crescent, ’17 Buick, ’15 Nissan Sentra, ’08 Kia. Suspect(s) enter carport and take loss from multiple vehicles belonging to multiple victims. LOSS: Personal property.

• 10-23-20, 11:52 AM, 900 Block of Fair Oaks. Suspect enters building and takes loss without paying for items. LOSS: Nutritional bars. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, 30 years, South Pasadena.


• 10-21-20, 7:47 PM, 700 Block of Prospect. Suspect(s) use victim’s financial account without permission. LOSS: U.S currency.

• 10-22-20, 2:01 PM, 1200 Block of Fair Oaks. Victim receives a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Department of Homeland Security- Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division who advises victim that the victim has committed an illegal financial investment and urges victim to

obtain an attorney and pay for the attorney fees through an online money transfer program. LOSS: U.S currency.


• 10-22-20, 11:39 PM, 300 Block of Monterey near Pasadena. Officers contact suspect for possibly checking vehicle door handles and is found to be in possession of a controlled substance.


• 9-30-20, 11:00 PM to 10-01-20, 8:00 AM, 2000 Block of Monterey, ’20 Tesla Model X. Suspect(s) enter victim’s driveway and place screws on driveway near rear tires of victim’s vehicle causing the tire to lose air after driving over them.

• 10-21-20, 11:49 PM, 1100 Block of Oxley, Suspect vandalizes area by spraying graffiti, then leaves in a vehicle, ’99 Dodge Ram 2500. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, white shirt, dark sweater, and jeans.

• 10-19-20, 5:00 PM, to 10-21-20, 7:30 AM, 1100 Block of Mission. Suspect(s) knock over planters causing damage.

• 10-20-20, 10:42 PM, 1100 Block of Fairview. Suspect(s) enter victim’s front yard without permission and throw toilet paper on trees and doorstep of property. SUSPECT DESCRIPTIONS: S1- Unknown gender, hoodie sweater, sweats, and black shoes, S2- Unknown gender, sweater, sweats, and white shoes.


• 10-23-20, 1:00 AM to 12:32 PM, 500 Block of Floral Park, ’05 Honda Accord, unknown year Ford Edge, unknown year Jeep Wrangler, ‘07 Toyota Prius. Suspect(s) cut and remove loss from multiple vehicles belonging to multiple victims, suspect(s) then leave northbound on Floral Park in a white vehicle and blue SUV vehicle. SUSPECT DESCRIPTIONS: Multiple suspect(s) wearing hooded sweatshirts, no further descriptions. LOSS: Catalytic converter(s).

• 10-23-20, 1:33 PM, 1500 Block of Laurel, ’06 Honda Accord. Suspect(s) cut and remove loss from victim’s vehicle, then leave westbound on Laurel in a White Toyota Camry. LOSS: Catalytic converter.

• 10-22-20, 7:00 PM to 10-23-20, 8:00 AM, 500 Block of Floral Park, ’07 Toyota Prius. Suspect(s) cut and remove loss from victim’s vehicle. LOSS: Catalytic converter.

• 10-22-20, 7:00 PM, to 10-23-20, 8:40 AM, 600 Block of Prospect, ’05 Honda Accord. Suspect(s) cut and remove loss from victim’s vehicle. LOSS: Catalytic converter.


• 10-24-20, 4:27 AM, 1200 Block of Monterey. Suspect enters property without permission, was also advised in the past not to enter the same property.


• 10-23-20, 1:40 AM, 1700 Block of Meridian. Suspect(s) in an ’03 Chrysler PT possibly assault victim while in the vehicle (’13 Honda Pilot) with suspect’s vehicle while heading northbound on Meridian.

For graffiti removal, call the City of South Pasadena “Graffiti Removal Hotline” at 626-403-7249. This is a 24-hour a day recording. A written release is required prior to removal from private property.