Video of ‘Spit-Hood’ Arrest by SPPD | Watch Commander on Scene Reports

Assault & robbery suspect detained by South Pasadena Police. Bystander video shows the use of the authorized 'Spit-Hood' during the arrest.

Screen Cap: Video of arrest on Mission Street in front of the South Pasadena Police Station.

On Tuesday June 23 at approximately 11:30 a.m., an assault & robbery suspect was detained on Mission Street in front of the South Pasadena police station, according to SPPD officer Carrillo. The eyewitness video is below.

Watch Commander Cpl. Carrillo was among the officers on scene.

The officer reported that the suspect was detained awaiting what is called a ‘Field I.D.’ by the victim who reported the assault and robbery.  It is procedure for the suspect to be in full view, and brought out of the back of the police car in order to be properly identified by the victim.

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According to Carrillo, the suspect began spitting, yelling, & struggling with officers at that point. The suspect was warned not to continue spitting at officers. Utilizing a specialized ‘Spit-Hood’ is procedure to keep officers and bystanders safe in such instances — especially during COVID-19.

Cpl. Carrillo pointed out that the suspect did not complain of any injuries. Also, that the ‘Spit-Hood’ is mesh and see-through and 100% breathable. He stated “our COVID-19 face masks are more restrictive for airflow than the “Spit-Hood”.

After the suspect was properly ID’d by the victim, he was arrested for assault and robbery.

What happened?

According to the initial police report by the watch commander, the incident occurred in the park adjacent to the South Pasadena Mission Street Metro Station at about 11:00 a.m. Tuesday June 23, 2020.

The victim was punched in the face and fell to the ground, and the suspect kicked the victim at least four times and then took the victim’s mobile phone. The suspect then ran down Mission Street toward Fair Oaks Ave.

Calls into 911 from bystanders with description led SPPD on an immediate search.

Right outside the police station on Mission Street, a person matching the description was detained and placed in the back of an SPPD squad car to await a ‘Field ID’.

The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. One officer was also injured during the arrest.

About the officer not wearing a COVID19 face mask: There is one officer shown in the video not in a mask.  It was reported that the officer’s mask came off during the struggle with the suspect.

Details to follow as the completed report from SPPD is made available.

SPPD Procedures:

Page 48 – use of force policy
Page 60 – use of spit hood



  1. Im sorry… I really don’t think this is fair reporting on the side of SPnews. Only police comments?
    As for “Don’t spit on people. During a pandemic, don’t spit on, at, or near people.

    Next topic.” Wear a mask during a pandemic. Next topic. I know police in SP don’t wear mask, haven’t worn mask, and approach people without their mask on.

    • We’ve reached out to the public for anyone who witnessed this incident. We’ve also looked up and posted in the report the link to the SPPD manual, and use of the ‘Spit-Hood’. This article is in no way advocating or dispelling the actions taken in in the brief video that was presented to us. We are following this as it unfolds with the facts that are presented and found thus far. We absolutely and always encourage you to Send a letter to the or an Op-Ed on your views so various points of view can ben known, and constructive results might be realized. As always contact us:

    • An hour later, this is still pissing me off. NO ONE has any obligation to let another person spit on them. In this instance, I’d judge the police by the same standard I’d apply to anyone: You have a right to make someone stop spitting on you, always, by whatever proportionate means are available to you.

      Don’t spit on people. Don’t let people spit on you.

      This doesn’t seem complicated.

    • Ridiculous over use of force, why is the officer tightening the spit hood around his neck, this is a obvious threat to the suspects life. You can see the force that the officer uses as he tightens it at the neck area which can kill him. It doesn’t matter that it is made of mesh when airflow is cut at the neck!