Trustee Area Election Map Approved | SPUSD Snapshot


On Friday, April 8, 2022, the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) approved a new “by-trustee area” election map proposed by the South Pasadena Unified School District.

In January, the SPUSD Board of Education unanimously approved a new election map to select members of the Board. Maps were developed using the California Voters Rights Act, traditional districting principles and feedback from the Board. In addition to grouping communities of interest and making districts contiguous with visible boundaries, the Board sought a population balance of roughly 5,398 people in each trustee area and connection to as many of the elementary schools as possible.

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The LACOE approval was the final step in the transition process. SPUSD is now divided into five trustee areas and one board member will be elected by the registered voters in that particular trustee area.

There will be an election in November for three seats on the school board, in addition to a special election to fill the remaining two years on a term that began in 2020 and was vacated in 2021. The fifth board seat will not be up for election until 2024.

For more information, contact: South Pasadena Unified School District, Office of the Superintendent,