Train Your Brain Lunch Activities at SPMS & SPHS | SPUSD Snapshot

PHOTO: South Pasadena Unified School District | South News | SPMS and SPHS students participate in wellness activities and learn about the Train Your Brain program during lunch.


The SPUSD Train Your Brain (TYB) teams at the middle school and high school recently set up activity tables for students during lunch with games, free t-shirts, bookmarks and stress-reducing, squishy toys. Designed to encourage students to spread kindness and positive affirmations to one another, the celebratory events also re-acquainted students with the services offered by the TYB counselors. SPHS Peer Mediators and SPMS Upstanders interacted with fellow students and assisted the counselors with the events.

The TYB team, comprised of two full-time counselors and two interns, promotes positive staff-student interactions, mindfulness, along with other healthy coping skills, resiliency, and social-emotional wellness by providing a range of comprehensive, integrated, culturally-sensitive strategies and services that support secondary-level SPUSD students.

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