Tragic Loss | Support Tam’s Family after a Senseless Tragedy

Connie and Tam Nguyen | South Pasadena

Provided on behalf of the Tam family

On July 27, 2022 at approximately 8:30 PM, my aunt and uncle, Connie and Tam Nguyen, were out on their nightly evening walk with my mom, Hoa Le. As they were crossing the intersection near their home, a minivan blew through a stop sign and crashed into them. My mom suffered a broken femur and is in the hospital recovering from surgery. My aunt, who has suffered from Parkinson’s for the past 25 years and is partially blind, managed to escape with cuts, bruises, and a contusion to her head as my uncle did his best to push her out of harms’ way. Through his efforts, he was struck by the van and ran over. Unfortunately, he did not survive his massive injuries at the hospital.

Our family is devastated and dealing with this senseless ordeal. For anyone who knew my uncle, he dedicated his life to being the sole caregiver for my aunt. Her mobility and speech are severely limited and he continued to provide his care for her with boundless love, patience, and selflessness. It was not uncommon to see my aunt and uncle taking walks in their neighborhood or riding their tandem bike throughout South Pasadena. My uncle was joyful, generous, and friendly to all with always the willingness to help anyone in need. His last actions are a testament to the incredible man that he was and the love he had for his wife and family.

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We would be grateful for any contribution you can provide to help support my uncle’s family during this difficult time. Any funds raised will go towards his funeral costs and setting up a full-time caregiver for my aunt so that we can ensure that she continues to receive the same quality of life that my uncle dedicated himself to providing for her. Lastly, a portion of your contribution will also be donated to a research foundation such as Parkinson’s Foundation or Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers as my uncle religiously donated his money to them in order to find a cure for his wife.

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Published at the request of the Tam family