Trader Joe’s South Pasadena | The ‘Official Word’ Update on Locations

Not one, but TWO Trader Joe’s stores will someday be part of the South Pasadena landscape.

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | South Pasadena Mission Street Location

Nakia Rohde, who handles public relations for the popular Trader Joe’s grocery store chain headquartered in nearby Monrovia, confirmed on Thursday that a second store, without providing details, will someday open in the city.

“We do have plans to open an additional store in South Pasadena,” said Rohde. “We don’t have any plans of closing any other stores in the area, but we’ve yet to confirm the location and timeline.”

Rohde did say she’s “happy to stay connected and share that with you as soon as we have it to confirm. I will be very happy when I can confirm more information with you.”

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PHOTO: Henk Friezer | The South Pasadenan | The gutted interior of the former Vons location in South Pasadena.
PHOTO: Henk Friezer | The South Pasadenan | The gutted interior of the former Vons location in South Pasadena.
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | The South Pasadenan News | A corporate official confirmed that a new location, not confirming its whereabouts, will open in the future in the city but believed to be the former site of Vons on Fair Oaks Avenue where a liquor license is on display.

A liquor license has been posted on the front of the former Vons location at 1213 Fair Oaks Avenue in South Pasadena, which is a pretty good indication the new Traders Joe’s will be located at the site.

The store will join the current location in town at 613 Mission Street and roughly 569 others around the country. Its founding started 66 years ago as Pronto Markets and in 1967 as Trader Joe’s, opening it’s first store in Pasadena. Founder Joe Coulombe, who created the company’s South Seas motif, passed away in 2020. Today, it is owned by Aldi Nord.

“I think it’s our amazing crew members who are there to be helpful and interact with you as you shop in the store,” said Rohde, when asked what makes going to Trader Joe’s a good experience for so many. “We make it simple, so it’s everyday low prices. There are no surprises. Just surprises of new products, but not surprises of new prices, usually.”

Trader Joes South Pasadena Location update
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | The South Pasadenan News | Exterior of the ‘old Vons’ location on Fair Oaks in South Pasadena that was vacated in the fall of 2023.

Stay tuned for updates….